Is there a fee to participate in COA events?

There is no membership fee to join COA, and most of our events are free. We do have some events where you can rent equipment if you do not have your own such as canoes/kayaks, snowshoes or cross country skis. We also have some events that require advance registration. This info will be included in the event descriptions on our website calendar and our Facebook page.

How can I found out about COA events?

If you are on Facebook, join our Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook, you can find events listed on our calendar. If you join our mailing list, you will receive an email reminder a few days prior to each event. Of course, you can do both!

Are dogs permitted on hikes?

Dogs are welcome on most hikes. In some cases, due to the terrain or park regulations, we may not permit dogs, and we will include information on this on our calendar and in our mailing list notices. We ask that dogs be kept on a leash due to park regulations and group safety.

Is smoking permitted on the hikes?


Is it ok if I talk on my cell phone during a hike?

If you must take a cell phone call, please move away from the group.

Are some hikes/activities difficult?

Some hikes are difficult and some are easy – we offer activities at a variety of levels so that we can meet the requests of all of our members, who range in fitness and interest. We provide a description for each activity, on the calendar and in our mailing list notices. The description will indicate the difficulty level and any special precautions (e.g. mud, hills, distance).

I’m ready for a hike! What do I bring?

We recommend that you wear hiking boots because trails can be muddy at times and supportive boots will keep your feet comfortable. You may also want to bring water, a small snack, and a fanny pack for carrying these and any other items you may want to have with you. Be sure to check the weather before you leave for the event and dress appropriately.

Do I need a bike helmet for biking events?

Yes, yes, yes! For your safety, we require that you wear a helmet while participating in our biking events.

What’s the mix of men:women, and how many people participate?

Typically the mix at our activities is about 50:50 men:women. The group ranges from 5 on a cold and rainy day to 30 on a beautiful warm sunny day. We also have people who are event specific. They only hike, bike, kayak, etc.